Coaching 1:1


Why work with me?

In our coaching sessions together I offer to support and accompany you in current challenging life situations. In our process work together we can explore the causes of your current challenges.

I offer you trauma-sensitive process support (not trauma therapy). Eye level, respect, transparency and comprehensibility are the highest principles in the work with my clients. You decide how often and how long we work together.

It is not uncommon that traumatic experiences from early childhood are responsible for how we experience our counterparts and how we feel today. We mindfully address stressful imprints, behavior patterns and beliefs in order to understand them and integrate them into your system.

  • stress regulation and relaxation should make your everyday life more pleasant

  • you want to understand the causes of your panic attacks or why you are sometimes flooded with diffused feelings

  • you want to question feelings of shame and guilt

  • you want to grow out of old belief-systems that keep you in old patterns

  • you long for relationships and friendships in which you feel fully accepted and want to engage with them without losing touch with yourself

  • you would like to recognize and set your boundaries more clearly


Maybe you feel addressed by one or the other suggestion above - then feel free to contact me.

My offer can be supportive for you when

What does Neurosystemic Integration mean?

NI is the essence of Trauma Psychotology, Neurobiology, Systemic Therapy, Egostate Therapy and Hypnosysthemics. It is a body-oriented approach based on understanding the language of the autonomic nervous system and learning self-regulation through co-regulation. This allows piece by piece to gently integrate old, not yet processed experiences or memories into the body, mind, emotional system and thus establish more contentment and peace in one's life.

Process support

What do you expect in a session with me?

In our sessions your concerns, your body sensations, feelings and thoughts are the focus of our attention - it's all about you!

What is ego-state work?

Using methods from ego-state therapy (ego-state work), hypnosystemics and systemics, we look together at how we can turn to different parts of your personality mindfully and at your own pace, as well as create inner, resource-rich images in you, in order to create safe places within you.

Understanding the language of the nervous system:

Another important part of our work together is psychoeducation. Together we look at how the autonomic nervous system works and gain a new understanding of beliefs, imprints and behavior patterns.

Change stress responses through co-regulation:

I will show you simple and very effective exercises to help you co-regulate out of massive stress reactions and develop a more conscious state about your nervous system state.

All of this will help you understand yourself more and more and expand your self-regulation skills.

In our work together, in addition to talking, I use different techniques such as movements, trauma-sensitive meditations, and imagination techniques.

"In valuing myself I become a healing presence for my own inner being and for all beings on this earth."

Verena König

My prices

A session lasts 75 minutes, of which 60 minutes are pure coaching time. The remaining 15 minutes are for arriving and leaving and for orientation in the present moment.




Feel free to email me if you would like to make an appointment.

I will get back to you in a timely manner.

For our initial consultation we take 75 minutes. For this I charge you 75 euros.

For each additional session, I charge you a fee of 90 euros for 75 minutes.

If you cancel 48 hours in advance, I will not charge you.

If you cancel later, I charge a 50% cancellation fee.